About Us

FoodEmpireLogoFood Empire Holdings (Food Empire) is a global leading food company that manufactures and markets variety of convenience food and beverages. Food Empire’s products are exported to over 60 countries in markets such as European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, the Middle East, and the U.S. The group, listed on Singapore stock exchange has head quarters in Singapore and had 18 offices around the globe including one in Belgium to support marketing and logistics operations across Europe. Food Empire produces and markets a variety of Oriental and non Oriental Frozen snacks under the brand OrienBites and Food Empire food services respectively.

About1Preserving the authenticity of the food is the hallmark of OrienBites Asian cuisine, whereas Food Empire Food Services stands for a much wider cuisine, touching Mediterranean, Mexican and lots of other kitchen styles. Our objective is to serve an exotic product to our customers with authentic taste and with hassle free preparation. The various methods of preparation such as microwave, steaming, frying, grilling and BBQ, mainly bring greater convenience to them.

These products are mainly sold in food service and are distributed through our esteemed wholesalers and distribution partners. At Food Empire, we are positioned to handle high-volume demand in our modern manufacturing facilities where our focus is on quality and efficiency from order to delivery. Our knowledgeable people will produce, package, and ship your product directly to you.

We understand that customer loyalty begins with the quality and consistency of a product.Our meticulous attention to detail insures that every box or bag of that particular product has the same great taste. You’ll have complete confidence in the quality of the ingredients and the unwavering consistency of the final product.

All our factories are BRC/IFS and HACCP certified. After years of efforts, we have been able to achieve clean label in most of our products. This means our products are manufactured without any artificial colouring, artificial preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial flavour enhancers or MSG. Health conscious consumers will be spoilt for choice, given the wide array of products under both our brands – OrienBites and Food Empire Food Services. We are also flexible and capable to offer the flexibility of producing our products in your private label.

To find out more about our global activities, click www.foodempire.com.

Social Responsibility

SocialResponsibilityWe are committed to be a good and responsible corporate social citizen while pursuing our business objectives. We will strive to participate in the well being of our community. We have a sense of commitment to the well being of our employees as well as the business community that we are operating in. Our staff and management are actively participating in the activities that promote the social well being of the society.